Why Choose GSG Computers?

Flexible Customized IT Solutions

Your business is unique and so are your technology needs. Our Perfect-Fit Support is a flexible customized IT solution, tailor made for you and your business needs.

10-Minute Guarantee

We will have a qualified technician working on resolving your IT problems within 10 minutes or less ~ GUARANTEED.

NO Geek Speak

You just want your computers to work so you can get on with your business. We manage your network ~ You manage your business.


5-24 Employees

25-95 Employees

Over 95 Employees

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Our Services

Business IT Support

Flexible customized IT Support & Solutions. Our service conforms to you. Not the other way around. We give our clients choices. Not a one-size-fits-all technology solution.

Healthcare IT Support

For the past 20 years, long before every IT Support Company jumped on the “HIPAA” bandwagon, we have been working with healthcare companies to make them more efficient, secure and compliant.

Data Backup and Recovery

If all the data you count on to run your business suddenly disappeared, how long would it take to get back? What if it was gone forever?

Network Security

Small & mid-sized businesses tend to think they aren’t a target. In reality, it’s easier for hackers to go after small to mid-sized businesses due to their relaxed or non-existent security.


Data Lost


Client Retention


Years in Business


Customer Satisfaction

Not Ready to Call Us Just Yet?

We understand. We believe that every business owner should be armed with the basic knowledge of how to protect one of their company’s most valuable assets, your data and computer systems.

7 Steps to Safeguard Your Business

Our Guide — 7 Steps to Safeguard Your Small & Mid-size Business – How Successful Businesses Manage Their IT — outlines in non-technical terms the common mistakes businesses make with their computer network that cost them thousands in lost sales and productivity, and could put them out of business. It also details the 7 necessary steps to safeguard your business that you should have in place now.

This guide also includes a Technology Self-assessment Checklist. You don’t just assume that your company’s financials are flawless or your employees are performing perfectly, right? Your IT systems are just as critical for the health of your business and should not be overlooked.

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What Our Customers Say

Solutions To Our IT Issues Are One Phone Call Away

We like knowing that it only takes one phone call to get our problem resolved, whether it is a hardware, software, internet or other IT issue. GSG reduces the amount of time that our staff is consumed with IT issues, which lets us focus on our patients, and continuously provides us with better (much better) results.

Donna Brigance Crossroads Medical Group

We Have Been With GSG For 17 Years!

We have been using GSG Computers since 1997. With all of the imaging, scanning and design work we do, we are out of business if our network goes down. We pay GSG a monthly fee, and if a computer does not turn on, we call them and they immediately take care of it, right then. We don’t worry about computer issues.

Brian Thomas Image 360

GSG Is Really an Extension of Our Staff

Our relationship with GSG is very personal and specific. They care about our needs, as if they are personally invested in our business and our success. I see them as an extension of our staff, not as a hired support service. They have taken care of us since 2005 and have assisted us as we have grown from one location to three, in turn we have watched them grow. I am able to say with confidence that no matter how big GSG grows, we will always be treated in this very personal nature, Chris and the team take customer service to heart.

Crystal Johnstone Smith Sholar Milliken

We Are Proud To Partner With The Best In The Industry