Data Backup and Recovery

Unfortunately, many business owners see backup and recovery as an expense, and opt to spend their money elsewhere or they choose the free or cheapest route they can go. This strategy works for a while, but the day will come when you will need that data and these “penny-wise” strategies are sure to return a pound of disaster or deadly consequences.

We’ve seen it happen time and time again, the USB drive and tapes that won’t read, the data that was in Carbonite or some other cloud storage is either corrupt, wasn’t really being backed up or there is so much data that it would take days if not weeks to get. The business owner is out of luck and sometimes out of business.

If technology is the car that drives our business today, then our data is its engine. Now imagine that all of the data you count on to run your business every day suddenly disappeared.

  • Your accounting data
  • All of the contacts in your contact management system
  • All your customer information
  • Your work documents
  • Your proposals and contracts
  • Your payroll data
  • Your emails

How long would it take to recover this information? What would happen if it was gone forever? Could you recreate all that information from scratch?

43% of Companies that Suffer a Major Data Loss
are Out of Business Within One Year. - Gartner Group.

93% of Companies that Suffer a Major Data Loss
are Out of Business Within Five Years. - US Dept. Of Labor

What's really dangerous is that most companies either believe it won’t happen to them or don't realize their existing backup isn't working until they need it and it's too late!

That's why thousands of companies go out of business or lose millions of dollars' when they have a data loss incident. It’s not a matter of if you will have an incident, it is a matter of when.

In every case, one of two things happen:

  • The business had an inexpensive backup system in place with no one managing it, and were horrified to discover that it wasn't working when they needed it most.
  • The business thought it would never happen to them and had no backup at all.

If you look at the causes of data loss statics, the majority of data loss incidents are not major disasters, such as fires, floods and tornadoes, as most people think. The number one cause of data loss are unintentional actions, followed closely by intentional actions.


44% - Unintentional Actions

  • Mistaken deletion of files or partitions
  • Computer Viruses – system hacking

32% - Intentional Action

  • Intentional deletion of files or partitions
  • Hard drive formatting

21% - Failure

  • Hardware failures – hard drive failure
  • System crash – power surges
  • Software corruption – files/database corruption

3% - Disaster

  • Thunderstorms, floods, tornado, fire, busted pipes, etc.

How Much Would It Cost Your
Business to Recover From a Data Loss?

Would Your Business Survive?

Most companies severely underestimate the costs involved. The majority of business owners only think about the cost of the labor that it took from their IT guy to get them back up and running. But there are many more costs that you will pay.

Every business owner should know what the true cost of data loss costs their business. We’ve put together a FREE Cost of Downtime Worksheet that lets you plug in your own numbers based on your business. This resource also outlines the Top 3 Deadliest Causes for Data Loss and how you can protect your business from being another statistic.

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