The Story Behind Our Story….

GSG Computers was founded in 1997 as a result of a simple observation. There was no local IT Support available in the Hendersonville area. This was before the time of a “computer shop” on every corner or everyone knew someone that could “fix” a computer. This is pre-Kim Komando and the Geek Squad – they were only in their own local cities of Phoenix and Minneapolis. While there were a few computer companies in Nashville, they wouldn’t come out to our area unless you were a large company. (Hendersonville, Goodlettsville, Gallatin, White House, Madison, Springfield, Greenbrier)

This need led Chris and Lisa Good to open the first computer shop in Hendersonville to serve their community and surrounding communities’. Their vision was clear and simple: delivering first class service, the same that large companies had access to, to small and medium sized businesses. They believed that those businesses deserved service that was fast, professional, friendly, and adaptive to the business owners’ needs ~ they knew they could deliver that.

Although time and technology has changed, our core vision is still the same. With the massive amount of technology choices available, now more than ever, small – mid size businesses need someone to help navigate through the forest, so they don’t get lost and off on a technology rabbit trail.

With our Perfect-Fit Support Process and our Bulletproof suite of services, small-mid size businesses can get access to the same resources, tools, and solutions that enterprise businesses use. When you add in our professional, friendly staff and no Geek Speak promise, small to mid -size businesses have a better advantage, as they are nimble and can adapt to the market faster.

Our mission is to provide small-mid size businesses with IT solutions, services, and support to grow and support their businesses growth goals -- one business at a time.

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